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Getting back into it

By the end of last week I started to feel a little more like myself.  I did a workout and felt great.  Over the weekend I still took it slow as my sinuses started acting up again.  However, it sure does feel nice to sweat out some of this illness from time to time! Read More »

Under the weather

Last week I was making great progress in my mind-muscle connection.  By Friday I had muscles in my chest and legs that have been hard for me to isolate that were finally sore.  It was a great feeling! Meanwhile, my household was sick.  Working out must have helped me fight off their germs because as soon as Saturday hit and I stopped working out the germs got me.  I’ve been under the weather... Read More »

New classes. New faces.

Our one-year anniversary free classes were a lot of fun.  It was pretty cool seeing all of the new faces and getting to introduce what we do to so many people. Thank you all who brought friends, siblings, and co-workers. I’m very excited about our Yoga classes.  I hope all of you get a chance to try them.  It’s a great option for building balance, core strength, and flexibility. Person... Read More »

Did you get off track this weekend? Don’t beat yourself up. Just get back on track. You’ve got this! Read More »

Working glutes without realizing.

Hello, my fellow rock-n-shockers! So just over a week ago I started moving apartments.  Bringing items down a u-shaped flight of stairs to a place with other flights either going up or down.  Lap after lap!  What I failed to realize while working is that once you start to teach your brain the mind-muscle connection it does it without thinking.  Boy oh boy were my glutes sore in the mornings.  Haha... Read More »

Strange recording…

A few times a week I practice pull-ups, push-ups, and ab roll-outs.  Recording myself not only helps me check my form, but also see my progress.  The last two times I practiced these things I’ve added a squat move at the end.  Both times the camera shut off before the squat move started.  Only I didn’t know until after the fact and was soooooo not able to do them again.  The first time... Read More »

Can we talk about those Bear Crawls?!

Oh my friends, is anyone else as sore as I am from class with our lovely breaker Chelsie earlier this week? For those who missed it, the class was a new type entitled Bear Crawls, Bear Crawls and nothing but Bear Crawls. I believe Chelsie had us do 200 Bear Crawls. Or I may be off slightly – it’s possible there were 500. Anyway, the number is not important. Or maybe it is. I mean, is i... Read More »

View One Of Our Classes

Hello, all! Do you have a female friend who’d love to see one of our classes in action?  Simply call and let us know what time works best and get them all set up. Read More »

Seen the new Wonder Woman movie yet?

Ladies, if you haven’t seen Gal Gadot as the new Wonder Woman, you need to treat yo’self to a movie night out. The training scenes on the fantasy island in the beginning will remind you of something! Picture this… strong, amazing women doing grueling strenuous workouts and being coached and mentored by other strong amazing women… are you picking up what I’m putting do... Read More »

Tested out today!

I am sitting here at work on cloud 9, feeling like a million bucks, because this morning was the big test out! Many of us from the 30-30-30 crew, aka the awesome ladies I’ve been working out and sweating with for many months, all tested out today and will now be working out in the 1-1-1 classes! I am so thrilled to achieve this milestone. Many of you know I’ve struggled with knee pain,... Read More »

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