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Seen the new Wonder Woman movie yet?

Ladies, if you haven’t seen Gal Gadot as the new Wonder Woman, you need to treat yo’self to a movie night out. The training scenes on the fantasy island in the beginning will remind you of something! Picture this… strong, amazing women doing grueling strenuous workouts and being coached and mentored by other strong amazing women… are you picking up what I’m putting do... Read More »

Tested out today!

I am sitting here at work on cloud 9, feeling like a million bucks, because this morning was the big test out! Many of us from the 30-30-30 crew, aka the awesome ladies I’ve been working out and sweating with for many months, all tested out today and will now be working out in the 1-1-1 classes! I am so thrilled to achieve this milestone. Many of you know I’ve struggled with knee pain,... Read More »


Today was my first ALL cardio class and I loved it ! All the ladies rocked it today ! Increasing my cardio one class at a time 🙌🏾 Read More »

Race for the cure

Had sooo much fun with you ladies!! Thanks for coming out to support us !! Read More »

Week in review….

So this week I got to experience the RNS strength, RNS cardio and RNS hitfit. Loved each class. The variety and creativity that Masterbreaker comes up with is awesome! Although my body is aching everywhere….I know that means it’s working. @chelsie this comparison is for you because you asked me about my calorie burn among the various classes. The first one is RNS strength, followed by ... Read More »

First 50!

I wanted to hit this by my 90 day mark to prove something to myself. But life had other plans for me. So one month AFTER my 90 day mark I’ve hit my first milestone and I’VE LOST 50LBS!!(51 to be exact lol). THANK YOU MASTERBREAKER for pushing me out of comfort zones and truly believing that this would happen. Thank you to all the ladies of RNS who have given me support and encouragemen... Read More »

Colorful workouts this week!

I am loving the color-inspired workouts this week. Monday was green – we all had to wear something green. Wednesday was stripes. Friday is purple – my favorite color, won’t be hard to find something to wear! I just love how Master Breaker keeps these workout classes creative, mysterious and continually inspiring. For those who aren’t morning people, I’m sure it is eas... Read More »

Ask, Believe, Receive!

If you have read my feature in the March newsletter, you know a little bit of my background, philosophies and how I ended up at RNS. It is crazy how life unfolds. The way of the Universe has always been incredibly interesting to me and I gain more understanding everyday. To sum up my feature in the newsletter, about a year ago, I decided to do some introspection, self-analysis and soul searching. ... Read More »

Putting myself first

I forgot to blog last week with everything going on and the death in the family the week went by so fast. And at times like this I have to constantly remind myself to slow down and take care of me first because I’m still living and I have a family to take care of. So I just want to remind you ladies that when times get rough please try to remember to take care of yourself. Hydrate, eat, try ... Read More »

Biceps and triceps…..

I got to experience another All Strength hitfit class and absolutely loved it! Don’t be fooled with the “no cardio” because you still will get a great workout. I look at these balls totally different now. 😫 Read More »

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