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Author: Chelsie Colombini

Ask, Believe, Receive!

If you have read my feature in the March newsletter, you know a little bit of my background, philosophies and how I ended up at RNS. It is crazy how life unfolds. The way of the Universe has always been incredibly interesting to me and I gain more understanding everyday. To sum up my feature in the newsletter, about a year ago, I decided to do some introspection, self-analysis and soul searching. ... Read More »


This week marks the first week that Master Breaker has let me break some of her classes. I am so very grateful for the opportunity and I want to thank each of you ladies who have bared with me through these difficult beginning stages. I have received lots of constructive criticism and look forward to learning how to be the best I can be for you ladies. I want to know what cardio moves get you in y... Read More »

Vegan Cheeser!

I don’t know what it is, but there is something I absolutely love about a grilled cheese sandwich. They were always a go-to for me. So buttery, crispy and gooey! I make mine with so much love and passion, I had to give them their own extraordinary name: cheeser! Since my recent plant-based transition, I completely cut out dairy and I don’t carry bread in my house. I thought cheesers we... Read More »

First Real Chipotle

Chipotle blew up around my town when I was in middle school. I have always been an extremely picky eater, so I didn’t even consider entering a Chipotle until midway through high school. I looked down the line of food and grew disgusted. I hated rice, beans, onions, peppers, tomatos, salsa and sour cream; so I ordered a simple side of steak. It was delicious. I figured out that I could get a ... Read More »

First Plant Based Easter

I was feeling quite discouraged that a holiday was so close to the start of my plant based transition. It’s been about one month since I’ve begun avoiding animal products. In this month, I’ve turned my cheek to steak, chicken, pizza, eggs among several other things. These are foods that I could never fathom giving up, and although I am confident that what I’m doing is the r... Read More »


Journaling. Whether you are recording your food intake, workouts or just making a to-do list, there is a greater chance of achieving your goals if you WRITE THEM DOWN! We should all have goals: daily and long term. Jotting down goals has immense significance because it forces you to identify your goals, motivates you to take action, reminds you to remain focused and enables you to see and celebrat... Read More »

Team Northstars!

This weekend I met with my Goal Getters Challenge team and I am excited to have them to help me reach my goals. We met at Northstar in Westerville and got to know each other over lunch. We discussed our personal goal, our strengths and weaknesses. We took a cute lil selfie together and promised to strive for our goals and hold each other accountable for the next 8 weeks. Fittingly we named our tea... Read More »

I dream of chicken

I conducted another experiment for meal prep this week. Another week without animal products. This time, it was black bean burgers. I mashed together black beans, sweet potatoes, onions, ground flax and brown rice. I went a little heavy on the cayenne and black pepper seasoning. I baked half and I fried the other half. They fall apart, they were quite dry, and a complete hassle… but I had fu... Read More »


So, it’s been several months now that I’ve been mentally preparing myself for a vegan diet. I have the fitness aspect of my total wellness down, I never make excuses to skip a workout. But I can always come up with an excuse to prep meat because it’s just so simple, easy and convenient to season chicken and throw it on the Foreman. This week is finally the first week I haven̵... Read More »

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