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Author: A.Yvonn Averyheart-Nichols

First 50!

I wanted to hit this by my 90 day mark to prove something to myself. But life had other plans for me. So one month AFTER my 90 day mark I’ve hit my first milestone and I’VE LOST 50LBS!!(51 to be exact lol). THANK YOU MASTERBREAKER for pushing me out of comfort zones and truly believing that this would happen. Thank you to all the ladies of RNS who have given me support and encouragemen... Read More »

But I don’t run

I am not a runner, by any means. The younger me was an outdoors kinda kid,who ran and played. By Junior High that was gone. The most the adult me would run, would be to chase a child from getting into something. Now being a part of RNS and having MasterBreaker tell me that she believes I can do it, I am running. Now I am up before the sun can set n the sky to walk/run. I find it very peaceful to b... Read More »


Theres a real thing with people like myself who have been overweight their entire lives, that when the body changes in the process of losing weight  we do not see it. Some people will ALWAYS see the FAT person. But the more I work and have OTHERS tell me that I look different and they can see the changes, the more I can see it and it makes me excited I wanted to have the gastric surgery about 15 y... Read More »

My Journey

My first official workout was Jan.06,2017 and two weeks after that I had an apt with my Doctor. I felt like in the those 2 weeks Danielle had pushed me to work hard and I had already been seeing changes happening, so when it was time for weigh in I just knew I had lost a good amount of weight. I was FLOORED when the scale said 3LBS. THREE POUNDS. I was ready to cry and then became very mad. I was ... Read More »

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