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Did you get off track this weekend? Don’t beat yourself up. Just get back on track. You’ve got this! Read More »

Working glutes without realizing.

Hello, my fellow rock-n-shockers! So just over a week ago I started moving apartments.  Bringing items down a u-shaped flight of stairs to a place with other flights either going up or down.  Lap after lap!  What I failed to realize while working is that once you start to teach your brain the mind-muscle connection it does it without thinking.  Boy oh boy were my glutes sore in the mornings.  Haha... Read More »

Strange recording…

A few times a week I practice pull-ups, push-ups, and ab roll-outs.  Recording myself not only helps me check my form, but also see my progress.  The last two times I practiced these things I’ve added a squat move at the end.  Both times the camera shut off before the squat move started.  Only I didn’t know until after the fact and was soooooo not able to do them again.  The first time... Read More »

Can we talk about those Bear Crawls?!

Oh my friends, is anyone else as sore as I am from class with our lovely breaker Chelsie earlier this week? For those who missed it, the class was a new type entitled Bear Crawls, Bear Crawls and nothing but Bear Crawls. I believe Chelsie had us do 200 Bear Crawls. Or I may be off slightly – it’s possible there were 500. Anyway, the number is not important. Or maybe it is. I mean, is i... Read More »

View One Of Our Classes

Hello, all! Do you have a female friend who’d love to see one of our classes in action?  Simply call and let us know what time works best and get them all set up. Read More »

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