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Ayo’s Mommy

The Scale….Duhn Duhn

Christi: When is the 8 week group challenge over? Me: I don’t know probably mid to late May. We’re about halfway done. Christi: OK, great we should all get on the scale to check in. Me:…😫🙄😡😭 Its that time of the month…I hate the scale…naw not doing it…random more excuses… She left it alone and we didn’t get on the scale. I went home and thought about... Read More »

Leg Day….has no Chill!

If you haven’t made it to one of the leg days at RNS, you are truly missing out! I find them the most challenging but every time I leave I feel I’m like wow I completed another one and I didn’t die.  #winning I look forward to the next one…Short season is coming! Photo Cred: @keepingupwithkahla (IG Lifestyle Blogger) Read More »

Maintaining Momentum

I’ve had so many stops and starts on my fitness journey. Something small will happen that takes me off my routine and it’s hard for me to get back in the swing of things. Last week I travelled for work. Previously in my work adventures, I’d make excuses about access to a gym or about need extra or larger luggage to bring my workout attire. This time I’m proud to say I worke... Read More »

Introducing Team A.C.E.

Hey Hey Hey! Team ACE has completed week #1 one of the Goal Getter’s Challenge. We were not perfect but have been able to connect daily via text to share wins, opportunities, and plans for improvements. I am very inspired by my team mates! They both have very different schedules but make a point to get their workouts in. This is key! We want to do this and want to improve and to me, we are 5... Read More »

The Perfect Food Journal!

Writing down what I ate for the day is not my greatest strength. But I know this is something that will push me towards my goals. I am going to give this 100 %. Read More »

90 Days

My 90 days at RNS was Nov 17th and unfortunately I missed my reminder email (🙈)  but I am very excited about completing a retest for RMR and VO2 to see how much I’ve progressed. It’s a reminder that changes don’t happen overnight and you have to work hard everyday if you want to see improvements. Read More »

1:1:15 OMG!!!!

Today I took my very first 1:1:15 class and it boy was it tough. I didn’t die but felt like I was close…ok now that that is over… I’m very excited to have taken this class and am ready for more! It’s definitely very challenging but I love it. Looking for my RNS sisters to join me soon! Read More »

It’s time to Start Setting 2017 Goals!

I was talking to my big sister this week casually as we always do and I realized I had not set my goals for 2017. By now I normally am all set and have even sign up for an event or two. So in case someone else is thinking about it, for me I reflect on the progress made from the current year and then I start dreaming. I’ll admit I’ve scared myself several times with what I come up with ... Read More »

What A Week!

This week has been super crazy from a  scheduling standpoint. My work and family life required a lot more from this week which required me to move things around in my list of priorities For example, working out was at the bottom of the list this week due to commitments that I made to my family. I don’t like to talk about work-life balance because I don’t believe in it. I think life is ... Read More »

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