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Getting rest

Working out is such an important part of our lives. I know if I could do it everyday I would. However, I’ve learned that rest is important. Every week may be different depending on what’s going on with work, family and extracurriculars. That’s why I allow my body to rest when I need to. I don’t set a certain amount of days that I rest. I go with with how my mind and body fe... Read More »

A sisterhood

There are many things that I enjoy about RNS. I love the workouts, the way I feel after a workout, but most of all I love this sisterhood that I have become a part of. When I began working out at RNS that’s all I was concerned about…working out. But now that I look back on this journey, I am so lucky that I’ve made so many friends. Not only do we hold each other accountable for o... Read More »

The Perfect Food Journal!

Writing down what I ate for the day is not my greatest strength. But I know this is something that will push me towards my goals. I am going to give this 100 %. Read More »

Excited for change

I’m starting my fourth week at Rock N Shock Fitness, and this has been one of the best decisions of my life. I initially joined Rock N Shock so that I could look great in my wedding dress for my November wedding. Once I started I knew I wanted to get in better shape, and that’s exactly what has happened. I’m getting stronger and my workout recovery is getting better. To top it of... Read More »

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