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It’s not “work” when it’s fun!

Open gym this week was a lot of fun! After a long day of work it’s great to come into a session, get a great work out in and have a blast!! What a great group of ladies!!! And we even had a visitor!!! LOL!!!  Hope everyone had a great Easter!! Read More »

Busy….busy….busy – but still time for motivation!!

Our team had a busy week……travel, work, school. Life is busy!! However we did manage to motivate each other as the week went on. What a great team to lean on while life is busy all around…..two other great ladies, motivating daily to get in a workout…..reminders to be mindful of what you eat and even best wishes on travel work and school. It is nice as you are rushing throu... Read More »

Fitness Journey

Hi everyone! Happy weekend! The journey since joining RNS has been amazing and exactly what I was looking for in my fitness journey. Joining this type of gym could be intimidating……new people, new and unknown workouts, fitness tests, eating plans and even measurements and photos!! The truth is, intimidating isn’t even close to what you should feel. I was immediately at ease with ... Read More »

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