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Danielle B

Week in review….

So this week I got to experience the RNS strength, RNS cardio and RNS hitfit. Loved each class. The variety and creativity that Masterbreaker comes up with is awesome! Although my body is aching everywhere….I know that means it’s working. @chelsie this comparison is for you because you asked me about my calorie burn among the various classes. The first one is RNS strength, followed by ... Read More »

Biceps and triceps…..

I got to experience another All Strength hitfit class and absolutely loved it! Don’t be fooled with the “no cardio” because you still will get a great workout. I look at these balls totally different now. 😫 Read More »

All Strength and All Cardio

I was fortunate to experience Master Breakers HITFIT strength and HITFIT cardio classes. As with all her classes they didn’t disappoint. I loved the All strength class because ….well….I like to lift weights. The All cardio class made me very, very, very nervous! But I survived the class and after it was all said and done I enjoyed the extra challenge it gave me. Adding those two ... Read More »

RNS strong πŸ’ͺ🏾

Open gym/chest day was great! Master Breaker challenged us to step outside our comfort zones and pick up heavier weights or should I say she handed us heavier weights (there really was no choice). You never know how strong you are until you push past that comfort zone. Read More »

Team Purple πŸ’œ

Yay!!!!! We had our entire team in open gym this week. We are pushing and encouraging each other in and out of the gym! Looking forward to another strong week! #teampurplehearts @sharena@dadivamom Read More »

Keep pushing

Keep working….keep showing up….keep eating right and the results will come. Small changes are happening but we have to stay consistent and be persistent. These pictures are 2 months apart. Thanks Master breaker! πŸ’ͺπŸΎπŸ’πŸΎ Read More »

Team Purple Hearts

Tobbi and I were able to work out together in open gym. We encouraged and motivated each other. Sharena got it in on Saturday morning! We are cleaning up our eating and it is directly showing in our workouts. Shoutout to @dadivamom who completed 9 miles today like it was nothing. πŸ’ͺ🏾 Read More »


Heading back to Columbus. I’ve been on vacation with the family. We had a blast! It is always good to slow down and spend quality time with your loved ones. Getting away allowed me to reconnect and enjoy the little experiences that can get lost with daily life. While I wasn’t as regimented with my workouts and eating. I still made time to exercise and eat in moderation (it’s a li... Read More »

The Perfect Food Journal!

Writing down what I ate for the day is not my greatest strength. But I know this is something that will push me towards my goals. I am going to give this 100 %. Read More »

Grey pants….

Today I’ve done something that I haven’t done in along time. I wore grey workout pants. To some that may not be a big deal but for me it’s a huge deal. I’ve always stayed away from grey pants because on me I felt they revealed every piece of cellulite. 😳 Well today not only did I wear grey pants, I actually felt good and fit in them. Proper nutrition and these RNS workouts ... Read More »

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