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Goodbye to “The Scale”!

As far as I can remember, my weight loss journey has always been about the scale. Why do I weight more today than yesterday? I didn’t change anything. I drank more water..wait that’s it. It’s the water. Those last 2 ounces did me in. Was it the extra drip of salad dressing? Nah, couldn’t have been. It had to be that 4th cherry tomato on my plate. We go over every little det... Read More »

“I Matter!”

So often we have so many excuses for not taking care of ourselves. We’re so busy being busy. Spouse, children, pets and jobs often take up so much of our time that we simply don’t have time for ourselves. In doing so, we lose sight of our health and well being. We take care of our spouses or significant others, children, pets and of course work more hours in a day, as if the day will g... Read More »

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