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Can we talk about those Bear Crawls?!

Oh my friends, is anyone else as sore as I am from class with our lovely breaker Chelsie earlier this week? For those who missed it, the class was a new type entitled Bear Crawls, Bear Crawls and nothing but Bear Crawls. I believe Chelsie had us do 200 Bear Crawls. Or I may be off slightly – it’s possible there were 500. Anyway, the number is not important. Or maybe it is. I mean, is i... Read More »

Seen the new Wonder Woman movie yet?

Ladies, if you haven’t seen Gal Gadot as the new Wonder Woman, you need to treat yo’self to a movie night out. The training scenes on the fantasy island in the beginning will remind you of something! Picture this… strong, amazing women doing grueling strenuous workouts and being coached and mentored by other strong amazing women… are you picking up what I’m putting do... Read More »

Tested out today!

I am sitting here at work on cloud 9, feeling like a million bucks, because this morning was the big test out! Many of us from the 30-30-30 crew, aka the awesome ladies I’ve been working out and sweating with for many months, all tested out today and will now be working out in the 1-1-1 classes! I am so thrilled to achieve this milestone. Many of you know I’ve struggled with knee pain,... Read More »

Colorful workouts this week!

I am loving the color-inspired workouts this week. Monday was green – we all had to wear something green. Wednesday was stripes. Friday is purple – my favorite color, won’t be hard to find something to wear! I just love how Master Breaker keeps these workout classes creative, mysterious and continually inspiring. For those who aren’t morning people, I’m sure it is eas... Read More »

47 and going strong!

Well, this week as some of you know, I had a birthday… and I turned the big 47. WOW that sounds old… but as anyone who knows me knows, that is simply not the case with me. How do I stay so young? I attribute a lot of it to these awesome workouts at Rock N Shock! Warning, if you have a birthday coming up, you will not be able to hide it at RNS… the big screen and the Mio numbers g... Read More »

No cardio, huh?!

How’s everyone enjoying the new “HITFIT Strength” format classes this week? I for one am loving them – it’s fun to change things up, and my body is seriously SORE so I know it’s working! I honestly stumbled out of RNS this morning like a sweaty, tired zombie after my second HITFIT Strength class in two days. This stuff is no joke. But my favorite part is Master ... Read More »

Back at 100%

Numbers have always been part of my health tracking – but it used to be the number on the scale that I obsessed over. Not the healthiest mindset for me (and it never really got me anywhere!) Since joining Rock N Shock, I’m much more interested in the number of inches I lose and that number that flashes up in red on the big screen – 100% effort! In fact I don’t pay much atte... Read More »

I’m back!

Hellooooo, Rock N Shock family! I am so excited to be back at the gym working out with Master Breaker and all of you ladies. It feels SO GOOD! Well okay, if I’m being real, my muscles did not feel so good last week… actually they were QUITE sore! But even that felt good. Oh my, I have missed this place and all of your faces! I started back last week with two workouts and my knee is han... Read More »

A month away from RNS :(

Hi ladies, It’s now been just over a month since I’ve set foot in the gym at Rock N Shock. I miss it so much! I had knee surgery on 2/24 and I’ve been in recovery and physical therapy ever since. I am seeing my doc tomorrow for a check-up and hopefully will get released to come back and start modified workouts. Fingers crossed!!! It’s been a long month. I have been missing ... Read More »

The Perfect Food Journal!

Writing down what I ate for the day is not my greatest strength. But I know this is something that will push me towards my goals. I am going to give this 100 %. Read More »

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