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Man Listen .. It’s hard out here in these fast food streets :)

I have been pretty open about my issues with food and diet. Not only do I not like anything, I also don’t eat fruits and vegetables (I sense you judging lol). Everyone I know that is successful in their journey keeps a food journal, meal preps, or both. I have had some personal struggles, and was finally able to get started. But let’s roll back to last week. When I was unprepared and j... Read More »

That moment when …

If you know me then you know you can find me in one of two places: the drive-thru or Target. Ok the drive-thru was a joke to see of Master Breaker is reading 😂😂. Anywho, Target is my spot for like EVERYTHING. Whatever it is I didnt need and didnt go there to get, they have it and I bought it anyway. A little over a week ago they were have a BOGO sale on dresses. Buying wasnt in my budget, but tryi... Read More »

The Perfect Food Journal!

Writing down what I ate for the day is not my greatest strength. But I know this is something that will push me towards my goals. I am going to give this 100 %. Read More »

The first 90 days

I can’t believe I have been at RNS for 90 days. The time has truly flown by. My re-testing was bittersweet. Sometimes you have to be honest with yourself. When that doesn’t happen, there is someone standing in the wings to help you with that reality check. Masterbreaker and I had a CTJ (come to Jesus) meeting last week. Perception is reality. Am I working hard? Sure I am. Is my work et... Read More »

First Class Mystery (Whoa)

10/29/16 Class one down and I loved it. Good news: I hit those zones. Bad news: the struggle was real and that’s the REAL reason I hit those zones 😆. I didn’t know what to expect. The weight and cardio combo was hard, but it didn’t break my spirit. I wanted to push through and not quit. Here’s to the next 364 days of putting in work. Read More »

Wecome to Rock N Shock

October 22, 2016 The day the journey to the new me began. I was more than excited to be chosen as a contest winner. Internally I was scared – scared of the testing that would should how “unfit” I am. However I also knew that this membership was blessing bestowed upon me right on time. See on the outside I try to make everyone happy and comfortable. But MY inside was suffering. Un... Read More »

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