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Making Progress (not perfectly)

So from my last post you know my motto is Progress not Perfection. Well I was able to get in two workouts this past week. I still struggle with meal prep. However, I made good choices most of the time. I’m always on the go and this weekend was an out of town competition for my daughter. Two extra kids in tow making sure they had everything food for me was not on the list. No I did not eat th... Read More »

Show up, push through and Focus

My schedule is always crazy, but lately even more so.  Therefore, I have not been able to come as often as I like.  That being the case my mind tries to talk me out of coming and that couch be calling me like Pookie from New Jack City. ( Its a movie if you don’t know, check it out) Anyway, half the battle is just SHOWING UP. Find the drive to get off the couch and do something different. Onc... Read More »

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