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Ready !

Ready to get started on the new HITFIT classes that MB has created.  Experienced the strength class last week and was leery that it didn’t involve any cardio and I wouldn’t make it through doing all strength.  I soon changed my mind about the cardio as it was in there somewhere because I was out of breath like I had been doing it and was sweating more than I ever had.  I really enjoyed... Read More »


I would like to thank all of the ladies I have met on my RNS journey and for all the support I have received along the way. Whether it’s been encouraging words such as ” good job in class”, Master Breaker pushing me through, suggestions on food, etc., I have appreciated all of it.  Even when I have felt like quitting for various reasons,  I have always been reminded by MB how far... Read More »

The Perfect Food Journal!

Writing down what I ate for the day is not my greatest strength. But I know this is something that will push me towards my goals. I am going to give this 100 %. Read More »

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