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Tekiesha G

The Perfect Food Journal!

Writing down what I ate for the day is not my greatest strength. But I know this is something that will push me towards my goals. I am going to give this 100 %. Read More »


What training facility & master breaker sends you a vase of flowers for your birthday?? Rock N Shock does!! Coming home today after work & seeing those on the table made my day!! I love RNS & I love my Master Breaker Danielle!  She thought of me & even pushed me hard on my birthday workout during our warm up. I rolled my eyes & mumbled something under my breath. In the end it&#... Read More »

My Journey

As I was doing my warm up this am at RNS, I had a quiet moment to think about just how far I have come.  When Danielle (Master Breaker)  told us we were running from RNS to Polaris parkway I rolled my eyes & thought to myself you have got to be kidding me. But once I started running I thought to myself you can do anything you put your mind too! I used to be a runner so why was I so down about ... Read More »

Encouraging Group

Today’s workout was challenging, however, I made sure to not let my mind defeat me before the workout. I wore my CONFIDENT shirt today & I can say having a talk with myself on my ride there helped me get my mind right! Having a great group of workout buddies helped me push hard in my workout. Nothing like having a great group of woman and a trainer who push you & encourage you throug... Read More »

Unveiling my layers

During my first 3 weeks at Rock N Shock have been nothing but amazing. I haven’t been at a gym or faculty like this ever before! In my 3 weeks I’ve been in my head a lot & I’m trying to get out of that. I am unveiling my many layers to get me to my overall lifestyle change. I know many woman like me struggle with confidence. For me I may look like I have all this confidence b... Read More »

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