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Learning about the RNS may take some time as we are a one of a kind health and fitness facility for women. We specialize in testing and use the same type approach typically reserved for professional & collegiate athletes. This site will have our members, staff and even the founder offering advice, suggestions and telling the RNS story.

    A VO₂ Max test determines the number of calories burned during every level of exercise.

  • Far Infrared Sauna

    Far Infrared Sauna
  • All Organic Soaps

    All Organic Soaps
  • Under Construction

    The road is long the work is not easy but the journey at RNS is priceless. You must be willing to build the fit house your body will live by going re thinking and trusting the process, one layer at a time.

  • A family that worksout together….

    When I can’t get it in with my fam at RNS I can always count on my family at home. Support can have a huge impact on you health and fitness journey. Hopefully women are enjoying this challenge and are finding support within their groups …up to team 💜 For the the text support everyday.

"There is simply no way to be effective and maximize your results without testing. You are NOT an average, you are unique, so you need to get tested for your current nutritional status, food intolerance, VO2 and RMR, without these test you are wasting time and money.
Master Breaker, RNS Fitness

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