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Can we talk about those Bear Crawls?!

Oh my friends, is anyone else as sore as I am from class with our lovely breaker Chelsie earlier this week? For those who missed it, the class was a new type entitled Bear Crawls, Bear Crawls and nothing but Bear Crawls.

I believe Chelsie had us do 200 Bear Crawls. Or I may be off slightly – it’s possible there were 500. Anyway, the number is not important. Or maybe it is. I mean, is it even legal to have someone do that many Bear Crawls?!

I am SO SORE. I can’t even tell you where I am sore, because basically it’s just a whole body thing. I can’t thank Chelsie enough for all those Bear Crawls. I’ve been thinking sweet, fond, kind thoughts about her all week. 😉

IF anyone out there is reading this and wondering “What’s a Bear Crawl and why would I want to do one?” then you need to get to Rock N Shock pronto because everyone needs to experience this much fun!

Thank you Chelsie for the killer workout! <3

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