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Tested out today!

rns-collage-2I am sitting here at work on cloud 9, feeling like a million bucks, because this morning was the big test out! Many of us from the 30-30-30 crew, aka the awesome ladies I’ve been working out and sweating with for many months, all tested out today and will now be working out in the 1-1-1 classes!

I am so thrilled to achieve this milestone. Many of you know I’ve struggled with knee pain, surgery and a long, slow recovery. To be able to jump back into workouts and be able to test out with the group meant SO MUCH to me!

I am so grateful to Master Breaker Danielle and Breaker Chelsie for the killer workouts that enable us to become stronger every day. I can’t wait to see what we’ll achieve at this new 1-1-1 level! And to anyone who hasn’t tested out yet – don’t fear it. You do these classes day in and day out. If Master Breaker says you’re ready, believe her. You can rock the test, too!

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