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Clean Healthy snack

Healthy eggplant jerky!! Read More »

All about those glutes

Listen here…..Master Breaker worked us a good one this morning. She worked our glutes up and down. No flat cakes at RNS. That natural lift.💪🏾🙋🏾 Three weeks in and Still going strong. Read More »


Listen  to the body and rest in between workouts! I really thought I was going to workout today….. Sometimes it’s best to sit and just relax in your thoughts. Finding quiet time can be very healthy. Read More »

Ladies….don’t sleep on chest day

As women we often focus on the lower body, cardio and abs which are all important but don’t neglect that chest. Today is my 4th chest day at RNS and each chest day is different. Danielle has us work the chest from so many different angles. After having three kids and entering into my 40s I’ll take all the lifting I can get. Come on through lifted chest and defined triceps. Read More »

Back Day

I was dragging this morning but once we completed the warmup I was pumped and ready to go. It’s not easy waking up at 4:15am to make it to a 5am class but I love the classes that much and look forward to going. Danielle gave us another excellent workout this morning focusing on the back. I love the results I’m seeing as well. Read More »

NSV…non scale victory

We are so much more than the number on the scale at Rock N Shock. Today I heard one person in the 5am crew mention how she has lost so many inches and that her clothes are fitting better. I also have the same testimony. My clothes are fitter much better. Today we did our outdoor warmup to the light and back. I remember the first time I did that during tryouts I was quite winded. The pacer this mor... Read More »

Switch it up

Labor Day Monday Morning Switchup workout….. Today, Master Breaker, took us to the track to workout. I have to admit I had anxiety as we were driving over to the track. Once we got going I realized how good it is to continue to mix it up. It felt good to workout outdoors and work our bodies in different ways. The Switchup game this morning was so on point. Lesson of the day: get out of your ... Read More »

Going strong 3 weeks all in

what I have found being part of RNS family is nothing works but work! I am learning to get out of my head  and find and fight to be well. Coming in ready to work and give it 100 percent. The Master Breaker gives you 110 percent in every workout I push to give mine.   Read More »

Yeah it’s different

I’ve completed my second full week at RNS. I absolutely love the variety the workouts offer. I’ve been to 10 classes and we have yet to repeat any workout. Danielle M does a wonderful job in keeping us guessing as well as our muscles guessing. I’ve enjoyed the addition of the 30-30-30 classes in addition to the 1-1-1 classes. I’m excited to experience the mystery workout tm... Read More »

Post, Share & Earn

Post, Share & Earn

Don’t miss our share & earn promotion. We will award 20 points each day we see a member post, share or blog about Rock-N-Shock. We want you to share YOUR experience, goals and successes with the world. We will award points the last day of every month for all qualifying posts. Don’t forget to like us on Facebook and join our group. Read More »

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