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First 50!

I wanted to hit this by my 90 day mark to prove something to myself. But life had other plans for me. So one month AFTER my 90 day mark I’ve hit my first milestone and I’VE LOST 50LBS!!(51 to be exact lol). THANK YOU MASTERBREAKER for pushing me out of comfort zones and truly believing that this would happen. Thank you to all the ladies of RNS who have given me support and encouragemen... Read More »

Colorful workouts this week!

I am loving the color-inspired workouts this week. Monday was green – we all had to wear something green. Wednesday was stripes. Friday is purple – my favorite color, won’t be hard to find something to wear! I just love how Master Breaker keeps these workout classes creative, mysterious and continually inspiring. For those who aren’t morning people, I’m sure it is eas... Read More »

Ask, Believe, Receive!

If you have read my feature in the March newsletter, you know a little bit of my background, philosophies and how I ended up at RNS. It is crazy how life unfolds. The way of the Universe has always been incredibly interesting to me and I gain more understanding everyday. To sum up my feature in the newsletter, about a year ago, I decided to do some introspection, self-analysis and soul searching. ... Read More »

Putting myself first

I forgot to blog last week with everything going on and the death in the family the week went by so fast. And at times like this I have to constantly remind myself to slow down and take care of me first because I’m still living and I have a family to take care of. So I just want to remind you ladies that when times get rough please try to remember to take care of yourself. Hydrate, eat, try ... Read More »

Biceps and triceps…..

I got to experience another All Strength hitfit class and absolutely loved it! Don’t be fooled with the “no cardio” because you still will get a great workout. I look at these balls totally different now. 😫 Read More »

But I don’t run

I am not a runner, by any means. The younger me was an outdoors kinda kid,who ran and played. By Junior High that was gone. The most the adult me would run, would be to chase a child from getting into something. Now being a part of RNS and having MasterBreaker tell me that she believes I can do it, I am running. Now I am up before the sun can set n the sky to walk/run. I find it very peaceful to b... Read More »

47 and going strong!

Well, this week as some of you know, I had a birthday… and I turned the big 47. WOW that sounds old… but as anyone who knows me knows, that is simply not the case with me. How do I stay so young? I attribute a lot of it to these awesome workouts at Rock N Shock! Warning, if you have a birthday coming up, you will not be able to hide it at RNS… the big screen and the Mio numbers g... Read More »


This week marks the first week that Master Breaker has let me break some of her classes. I am so very grateful for the opportunity and I want to thank each of you ladies who have bared with me through these difficult beginning stages. I have received lots of constructive criticism and look forward to learning how to be the best I can be for you ladies. I want to know what cardio moves get you in y... Read More »

Ready !

Ready to get started on the new HITFIT classes that MB has created.  Experienced the strength class last week and was leery that it didn’t involve any cardio and I wouldn’t make it through doing all strength.  I soon changed my mind about the cardio as it was in there somewhere because I was out of breath like I had been doing it and was sweating more than I ever had.  I really enjoyed... Read More »

    I tried the apple cider vinegar mix I use warm water Two lemon slices Cayanne pepper to taste 2 tablespoons of organic unfiltered Apple cider vinegar It didn’t taste bad. And it’s didn’t hurt my belly so I will continue to use it hoping to see results.. my question is, is it better to drink at night or in the morning??? And if you drink it in the morning how long sh... Read More »

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