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All Strength and All Cardio

I was fortunate to experience Master Breakers HITFIT strength and HITFIT cardio classes. As with all her classes they didn’t disappoint. I loved the All strength class because ….well….I like to lift weights. The All cardio class made me very, very, very nervous! But I survived the class and after it was all said and done I enjoyed the extra challenge it gave me. Adding those two ... Read More »

Vegan Cheeser!

I don’t know what it is, but there is something I absolutely love about a grilled cheese sandwich. They were always a go-to for me. So buttery, crispy and gooey! I make mine with so much love and passion, I had to give them their own extraordinary name: cheeser! Since my recent plant-based transition, I completely cut out dairy and I don’t carry bread in my house. I thought cheesers we... Read More »

All cardio…really

Let me just say the all cardio HITFiT class is pure fire! Before beginning, I thought well I may pass out since I only have a 15 sec rest. I can say I didn’t pass out and I can’t wait to take my next class. Some may say I am crazy but I would just say I am addicted to RNS and love all the classes. Danielle has saved my life and I am getting in the best shape of my life. I feel like a r... Read More »

The Scale….Duhn Duhn

Christi: When is the 8 week group challenge over? Me: I don’t know probably mid to late May. We’re about halfway done. Christi: OK, great we should all get on the scale to check in. Me:…😫🙄😡😭 Its that time of the month…I hate the scale…naw not doing it…random more excuses… She left it alone and we didn’t get on the scale. I went home and thought about... Read More »

No cardio, huh?!

How’s everyone enjoying the new “HITFIT Strength” format classes this week? I for one am loving them – it’s fun to change things up, and my body is seriously SORE so I know it’s working! I honestly stumbled out of RNS this morning like a sweaty, tired zombie after my second HITFIT Strength class in two days. This stuff is no joke. But my favorite part is Master ... Read More »

Not Feeling Guilty

This past week was my birthday weekend 🙂 . I had a blast the best part I did not over do anything, I enjoyed my cake I enjoyed having dinner with close friends as well as luncheon with the Fit Crew. However most importantly I stayed happy,I only had smaller portions but yet staying mindful I did not beat myself up about any parts of the birthday weekend. I did not feel guilty I was back in RNS hav... Read More »

Goodbye to “The Scale”!

As far as I can remember, my weight loss journey has always been about the scale. Why do I weight more today than yesterday? I didn’t change anything. I drank more water..wait that’s it. It’s the water. Those last 2 ounces did me in. Was it the extra drip of salad dressing? Nah, couldn’t have been. It had to be that 4th cherry tomato on my plate. We go over every little det... Read More »

Detox time

Now I can tell that I’m losing weight but this stubborn baby pouch will not go away. I know it has to do with my diet so this week I plan on detoxing and increasing my fruits and veggies and I’m going to try this apply cider vinegar drink that I’ve been reading about .. hopefully by the end of this challenge I will see a difference in my midsection.   Read More »

RNS strong 💪🏾

Open gym/chest day was great! Master Breaker challenged us to step outside our comfort zones and pick up heavier weights or should I say she handed us heavier weights (there really was no choice). You never know how strong you are until you push past that comfort zone. Read More »

My first day of 30-30-30

The moment I stop complaining about my failures and focused on my goals, it all came natural. I am very proud of myself for pushing myself to the next level. I have a long way to go, but I will embrace every minute of this journey. Thank you Master Breaker for you words of encouragement. Read More »

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