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Not Feeling Guilty

This past week was my birthday weekend 🙂 . I had a blast the best part I did not over do anything, I enjoyed my cake I enjoyed having dinner with close friends as well as luncheon with the Fit Crew. However most importantly I stayed happy,I only had smaller portions but yet staying mindful I did not beat myself up about any parts of the birthday weekend. I did not feel guilty I was back in RNS hav... Read More »

Goodbye to “The Scale”!

As far as I can remember, my weight loss journey has always been about the scale. Why do I weight more today than yesterday? I didn’t change anything. I drank more water..wait that’s it. It’s the water. Those last 2 ounces did me in. Was it the extra drip of salad dressing? Nah, couldn’t have been. It had to be that 4th cherry tomato on my plate. We go over every little det... Read More »

Detox time

Now I can tell that I’m losing weight but this stubborn baby pouch will not go away. I know it has to do with my diet so this week I plan on detoxing and increasing my fruits and veggies and I’m going to try this apply cider vinegar drink that I’ve been reading about .. hopefully by the end of this challenge I will see a difference in my midsection.   Read More »

RNS strong 💪🏾

Open gym/chest day was great! Master Breaker challenged us to step outside our comfort zones and pick up heavier weights or should I say she handed us heavier weights (there really was no choice). You never know how strong you are until you push past that comfort zone. Read More »

My first day of 30-30-30

The moment I stop complaining about my failures and focused on my goals, it all came natural. I am very proud of myself for pushing myself to the next level. I have a long way to go, but I will embrace every minute of this journey. Thank you Master Breaker for you words of encouragement. Read More »

Leg Day….has no Chill!

If you haven’t made it to one of the leg days at RNS, you are truly missing out! I find them the most challenging but every time I leave I feel I’m like wow I completed another one and I didn’t die.  #winning I look forward to the next one…Short season is coming! Photo Cred: @keepingupwithkahla (IG Lifestyle Blogger) Read More »

Back at 100%

Numbers have always been part of my health tracking – but it used to be the number on the scale that I obsessed over. Not the healthiest mindset for me (and it never really got me anywhere!) Since joining Rock N Shock, I’m much more interested in the number of inches I lose and that number that flashes up in red on the big screen – 100% effort! In fact I don’t pay much atte... Read More »

First Real Chipotle

Chipotle blew up around my town when I was in middle school. I have always been an extremely picky eater, so I didn’t even consider entering a Chipotle until midway through high school. I looked down the line of food and grew disgusted. I hated rice, beans, onions, peppers, tomatos, salsa and sour cream; so I ordered a simple side of steak. It was delicious. I figured out that I could get a ... Read More »

It’s not “work” when it’s fun!

Open gym this week was a lot of fun! After a long day of work it’s great to come into a session, get a great work out in and have a blast!! What a great group of ladies!!! And we even had a visitor!!! LOL!!!  Hope everyone had a great Easter!! Read More »

First Plant Based Easter

I was feeling quite discouraged that a holiday was so close to the start of my plant based transition. It’s been about one month since I’ve begun avoiding animal products. In this month, I’ve turned my cheek to steak, chicken, pizza, eggs among several other things. These are foods that I could never fathom giving up, and although I am confident that what I’m doing is the r... Read More »

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