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Under the weather

Last week I was making great progress in my mind-muscle connection.  By Friday I had muscles in my chest and legs that have been hard for me to isolate that were finally sore.  It was a great feeling!

Meanwhile, my household was sick.  Working out must have helped me fight off their germs because as soon as Saturday hit and I stopped working out the germs got me.  I’ve been under the weather all week and taking time away for my workouts to allow my body to heal.  The last thing I want is to weaken my system and have this cold last even longer.  Today some of my symptoms are gone and a couple other have sprouted.  But I’m sure this will pass soon and I cannot wait to get back at it.

On a side note:  I’m going to have to look up where the phrase “Under the weather” originated.  When I stop to think about it… how do these words translate to being sick?

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